Operating Banking Institutions

First Capital Bank Limited (formerly Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Limited)


Head Office

1st Street/Jason Moyo Avenue,
Telephone: +263 - 4- 758280 - 99 or 758324-8
Fax: +263 - 4- 752913
Telex: 26434, 26057 ZW

Website: zw.barclays.com

Postal Address:

P.O.Box 1279,

Type of bank: Commercial Bank

Date of establishment: 1912


  • 1912; Opened first branch after Bank of Africa was acquired by National bank of South Africa and effectively became Barclays Bank controlled from South Africa.
  • 1928; as the business grew, the first Barclays Committee was established, responsible for local controls based in Bulawayo. 10 branches were opened by that time.
  • 1956; Barclays was the first bank to introduce computers making banking service delivery increasingly efficient. During that time Barclays was implementing a comprehensive training programme running between 1951-1958.
  • 1960; Barclays was the first to introduce the first night safe  and safe deposit facility featured on its newly established 8-storey head office in Harare built out of diamante  sandstone on a black granite plinth and designed by Francis Lorne.
  • 1987; the first country branch was established in Gokwe officially opened by the then Deputy Prime Minister who praised Barclays for heeding the government’s call to bring banking to rural people.
  • 1991; Barclays was the first financial institution to offer 30% of its shares to the public in an effort to encourage Zimbabwe to become first time investors. The issue was oversubscribed five-fold and caused a record rise in stock market prices.
  • 1993; Barclays was one of the only two banks to have installed ATMs to improve service delivery and by 1993 Barclays had 50 ATMs.
  • 2008-2012; Barclays rationalised its support structures and foot print in line with business levels obtaining which resulted in reduction in fulltime employees from a peak of 1,423 in January 2008 to around 700 currently.


Ownership: Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Limited is a subsidiary of Barclays Bank plc, which is

the majority shareholder of the bank. It is locally registered and is a publicly quoted company with the investing public holding 32.04% shares. Major

shareholders in the bank AS AT 30 JUNE 2014 are:

  • Afcarme Zimbabwe Holding PL 67.68%
  • Old Mutual Life Assurance LTD 4.50%

Chairman: Sydney Mtsambiwa

Chief Executive Officer: Samuel Matsekete

Auditors : KPMG Chartered Accountants

Number of employees: 711

Number of branches : 31