Foreign Investment & Trade Framework

Foreign Investment

This administrative operational framework seeks to introduce the foreign investors to the various investment promotion bodies existing in Zimbabwe as well as clarifying regulations relating to remittability of dividends, disinvestment proceeds, contraction of offshore loans as well as projects the foreign investor can invest in.

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Export Facilitation

Reserve Bank Exchange Control requires that all exports from Zimbabwe be declared on Form CD1 through the Banks who raised such documentation in a system called CEPECS. All exporters are thus required to make a once-off registration with one of the Bank by providing information required on the Registration Form for Exporters.

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Imports Administration

Foreign Payments
Following the liberalization of the current account in 2009, importers of goods and services are allowed to effect foreign payments, through their Authorized Dealers (Banks), without seeking prior Exchange Control approval from Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. After effecting payments, importers have a grace period of up to 90 days to receive goods and services paid for.

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