Monetary Policy Statements

January 2013 Monetary Policy

Distinguished colleagues,the deterioration in global economic conditions  coupled  with  constraints in  the  domestic  economy, notably the  negative  effects of sanctions, adverse weather conditions and underlying liquidity shortages  imposed  constraints on the growth of the Zimbabwean economy.

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July 2012 Monetary Policy

These adverse global developments have combined with, tight domestic liquidity conditions, limited access to offshore  lines of credit, frequent power outages and a huge debt overhang to take steam off the recovery momentum gained since the  adoption of multiple currencies in 2009.

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January 2012 Monetary Policy

Zimbabwe remains susceptible to the vagaries of the adverse external macroeconomic environment, particularly within the  aegis of the multiple currency system which is  typified by limited macroeconomic policy instruments. In essence, lack of  potent policy instruments to absorb both domestic and external shocks relegates Zimbabwean policy makers to mere observers and pray that global developments remain favourable.

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