Human Resources & Administration

The Human Resources and Admistration Division comprises of the following Departments in support of the Bank Strategy:

 HR Department

The Human Resources Department provides strategic sourcing through talent acquisition, talent development and performance management and reward management. The focus is on enhancing employee experience for productivity enhancement. It also looks into the Strategic Industrial Relations, Staff Welfare to the Bank. Safety, Health and Environment and Quality (SHEQ) is part of the Human Resources deliverables and core to that is Staff Wellness.

Technical Services

Manages the facilities and logistics functions of the Bank and creates advantage for strategic execution. The Technical Services department handles the mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering aspects of the Bank.  The department ensure reliability of systems and safety of staff members. This creates the right environment for the effective execution of results by all staff.

Security Services

As implied in the name, the department ensures physical security of the Bank’s asset be they fixed or in transit as well as access control for the Bank.

The Division is there to provide strategic support to the Bank Units and ensure achievement of strategic objectives.