Bank Secretary, Legal Services & Corporate Affairs

The Bank Secretary, Legal Services and Corporate Affairs Division has three units namely the Bank secretariat, Legal Services and Corporate Affairs. The roles of the three units are stated below.

Bank Secretary’s Department

The Bank Secretary’s role includes-

  • Producing accurate , timely,  consistent  and reliable  stakeholder reports
  • Providing advice on  the laws and regulations governing the Bank business and the Bank’s procedures, as well as monitoring compliance on a regular basis and reporting to the Board;
  • Ensure adherence to sound corporate governance principles and practices aligned to international best practices.
  • Preparing agenda and requisite documents for the Board of Directors Meetings
  • Arranging Board of Directors’ Meetings and other corporate meetings such the annual strategy review workshops
  • Preparing minutes of the Board of Directors Meetings,
  • Monitoring implementation in accordance with resolutions of those meetings
  • Coordinating between the Board of Directors and executives.

 The Legal Services Department

  • Ensures  the existence of an enabling  legal framework  at all times
  • Provides legal advice to all divisions  of the Bank’ and its subsidiaries
  • Checks the credibility of security documents presented by customers.

Corporate Affairs Department

  • Produces an ideal corporate image for the Bank, which nurtures public confidence and acceptance of Bank policies
  • Ensures that Bank events are held following requisite protocol.
  • Keeps the Governors and the rest of the senior management abreast of RBZ related media stories.